Black Desert staff help throw a wedding for stuck-at-home players

Turns out Guild Wars 2 wasn’t the only MMORPG to host an honest to goodness player wedding this week. Kakao Games let us know today that it helped a pair of Black Desert players, Insidel and Svetluska, prepare a virtual version of their wedding inside the game during Heidel Ball after they were forced to cancel the real-world version as a result of the pandemic.

“Our staff helped with preparing a list of locations for the happy couple, after some deliberation, they settled on the capital of Kamasylvia for the ‘ceremony’ and some other beautiful spots for the ‘photos’. The guests were given lanterns and fireworks to release after the ‘yes’ and Shai musicians used the recently compose and play feature to play two special wedding tracks. The bridal chorus and wedding march were specially prepared by Pearl Abyss. Afterward, the guests were invited into a specially decorated house for the party at which we also took some photos, this party also had a traditional ‘cake cutting’. The event lasted longer than we anticipated and the wedding guests were still having fun even after our staff departed.”

The staff and players snagged a bunch of pics and even did a video of the event. Hearts to studios and players who do this!

Source: Press release

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Always happy to see dev’s helping out in stuff like this. It does always make me wonder though how it came about. Did a dev see a form post or chat maybe? The couple reached out to the dev’s? Either way though, major props to Kakao.

Toy Clown

The couple probably posted it on one of the social media platforms. The company that manages BDO in the US/EU has a dedicated team member that watches posts with the @BDO_News tag attached to them, reblogging some from Facebook and Twitter, as well as looking for interesting news bits like the story mentioned in this post.


That makes sense. Ty for the info


Wouldn’t be a BDO gallery without at least one screenshot of someone in Kibelius.