Fractured starts its next alpha test on July 16 with talents and player cities


The third test for the second alpha of the singular Fractured is kicking off on July 16th, a date that really could be working harder to fit into that numerical sequence. Ah, well, what can you do? Aside from build a city, anyhow; that’s one of the big elements of this particular test, you see. Player cities will be there and available for test, so if you want to erect an entire town with your name on the placard, go for it!

Assuming you can get other people on board for it, anyhow. You’ll need at least four other people for a small city, you see.

The newest test will also introduce the talent tree system, allowing you to better define your character’s specialties and abilities even if you don’t have a city at your beck and call. There are 60 points for a system with 90 nodes, of course, so players will ultimately need to specialize rather than covering everything. Add in some balance tweaks for attributes and gameplay, and the test starting on July 16th looks as if it’ll let you make your mark in one way or another.

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