Wurm Online’s Steam surge already prompted devs to open new servers


While Wurm Online has been keeping busy with tackling technical issues and connection buildup, it’s also been releasing updates to keep pace with the surge of new activity, which includes a new record of over 2,000 concurrent players. One of these updates is the launch of a new PvE world called Melody. This new map, accessible from the southern border of Harmony, is a smaller region at only 64 square kilometers, but should help to spread the population out while giving players a new realm to explore.

Another update has managed to successfully make the tutorial server its own thing; previously the server handled player transfers, logins, and other vital connections, which meant the number of login attempts were making a significant impact to the game overall. With this update, the tutorial server will now be its own server known as Haven and should mean faster logins and transfers while freeing up the hardware for players going through the tutorial alone.

As a result of the tech issues Wurm Online players have been facing, the devs extended the 30% buff to skill gain and affinity gain by a couple of days. Hopefully, things will continue to level off in terms of connection trouble.

sources: official site (1, 2), Twitter
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