Star Wars The Old Republic got a shot in the arm thanks to its Steam launch

Party down.

It would seem that the decision to launch on Steam was a good one for Star Wars The Old Republic as the 2011 MMORPG’s community has generally seen a significant uptick in activity shortly after launching on the platform.

A number of posts on the SWTOR subreddit chronicle the surge, with pictures of multiple instances that had to generate to handle the population and a player concurrency of over 30K at one point. And while it’s still early days to get a full data set, Steam Charts shows an impressive 24-hour peak of over 26K players thus far, just on Steam.

The community at large seems to be extremely eager to welcome new and returning players, which seems to be further reflected in the user reviews, which currently sit at “Very Positive” at the time of this writing. Most reviewers laud the game’s massive single-player stories and enjoyable (if flawed) PvE and PvP content, though there are some detractors pointing to SWTOR’s aggressive monetization scheme as a reason to vote the game down. In any event, it seems like a good time to be a fan of SWTOR right now. But of course, we already were!

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