Black Desert addresses caster-heavy Conquest Wars, new regions, and gear progress walls

Black Desert addresses caster-heavy Conquest Wars, new regions, and gear progress walls

We’re back once again with another set of Black Desert Heidel Ball player questions. Who knew that we’d be getting so much mileage out of an image of the Black Spirit adorably holding a microphone?

In this Q&A round we get a number of answers from a wide variety of topics. One of the very first is regarding changing Conquest Wars to shake up the caster-heavy meta that dominates the PvP activity; after looking at the metrics, the devs have determined that the Black Spirit Rage skills for ranged caster classes and the HP buff in Conquest Wars were having too much of an impact, and so things will be adjusted accordingly.

On the subject of PvP, the addition of Succession skills has also shifted the meta towards maximizing AP and ignoring DP, which results in combat ending too quickly. Several options are being considered, including putting a different HP reduction variable in skill damage to make HP decrease slower or changing the damage reduction formula to cap the amount of incoming damage based on DP.

Another question asked about adding new regions with unique rulesets like PvPvE or a focus on bartering. The answer confirmed that more regions with specific ways to enjoy PvE or PvP are in the works, as the devs feel the open world of Black Desert is where the game truly shines; details on these new regions should come up either during the winter season or some time next year.

Finally, a question asked about alternate routes for players who hit the soft cap of their gear progression. The answer explained that TET IV gear will effectively let players experience most of the content on offer in Black Desert, but the addition of the Adventure Log as well as other methods of gearing up are being investigated, which promise to not only benefit those below TET IV but all adventurers.

Those are a few of the highlights, so make sure to flip through the entire question set for even more answers.

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