Closed alpha testing results see survival sandbox Craftopia delay its early access launch

We all haven't memory-holed The Sims Medieval so deep that we forgot the town called Crafthole, have we?

MOP’s Bree and I — and probably some other staffers here — are pretty eager to see what Craftopia is all about. For those who don’t remember the last time we cast eyes on this one, it styles itself as an open world survival crafting game with farming, crafting (obviously), dungeon delving, monster hunting, and factory creation and management, all done up in a cutesy visual style.

As a result of the game’s closed alpha, the devs at Pocket Pair have concluded that early access is going to have to be pushed back in order to address a number of major issues; specifically, multiplayer stability, server sync issues, loss of building data when moving islands, and corrupted or lost save data.

“From the beginning, it was stated that ‘If there is a problem that seriously interferes with play, the game will be delayed,'” notes the announcement post. “Even if everyone understands that the product is still incomplete with Early Access, we think that it is not desirable that you will often face problems.”

Craftopia’s closed alpha is wrapping up today, August 3rd, while the devs put their heads down and address these found issues. If all goes according to plan, early access will begin on Friday, September 4th.

source: Steam

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Always smart to avoid that initial wave of negative reviews.


Best choice really with they issues they’re talking about it would have gotten slammed in the reviews.

Looking forward to checking this one out when it does release.