Black Desert’s Shadow Arena unlocks all heroes this month and adds a new one


“A new warrior eyes the battlefield, wielding her battle axe and shield of revenge.”

While we here at Massively OP only have battle axes of indigestion and shields of Netflix binging, Black Desert’s Shadow Arena spin-off is bringing a fierce new fighter into the fray. Her name is Igrid, and she will end you. By blocking and countering attacks, Igrid may appeal to defensive-minded players.

The battle royale’s 14th character coincides with a free play event. From now through August 27th, all heroes are unlocked so that players can give each of them a try.

Curious about Shadow Arena? Check out impressions by Massively OP’s Carlo and Sam, who both looked at what was termed the “diet Black Desert of battle royale games” earlier this year.

Source: Shadow Arena, press release

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