WRUP: Dril edition

Skeleton powers.

new rule for makin a character in an MMO is that you must be personally willing to kiss them on the mouth. with. tongue. no exceptions to this rulle time to french with the lizard boys (“crying” finally)

every1 is too dang HORNY to be allowd to play Lord of the Rings Online the way it is MEANT TO BE PLAYED, with spiders on you all the time

my “raid group” is “clearing” this “boss” (hand, touching, porcupine)

proud to announce that pearl Abyss will now. taste my laewsuit. shouldnt have let me make a charcter i wanna punch in the mouth and then let me br.eak my dang monitors, the esrb rating will vindicate my actions

volunteer as a mentor in Final Ftanasy XIIV teachin the gobbso how to shank new players zones away , who said i was on your side guy with a stupid name like “soul master”

what are you playgni is the only article on this site worth being preseved in the Library of Congress

Bonus question: What specific meal makes you nostalgic for a part of your childhood?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’ll probably give Fall Guys a shot on PS4 sometime Saturday. I’ve been watching from the sidelines and it sounds fun. Sunday is when some of us get our makeup Pokemon Go fest, plus my Animal Crossing fireworks.

This is actually kind of hard, since I didn’t have a good relationship with food until I was almost an adult. The closest I can think of to a nostalgiac meal is Shakey’s pizza buffet, as that was one of the few times I would not only have good access to a variety of foods I liked, but could feel full. Oh, I guess self-cook Japanese/Korean BBQ does the same thing, but only when I can do the cooking myself (please don’t throw the meat in a pile people, even grilling shows it respect).

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I used a doubloon coupon to buy the premium ship Massachusetts this past week, so I’ll probably play her quite a bit this weekend in World of Warships, as well as continuing to grind the many, many tech trees I’m progressing through.

Nostalgic food? Possibly a meatloaf/mashed potato casserole or fried chicken. Midwest comfort food!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ll probably do my usual loops through Lord of the Rings Online and Star Wars Galaxies Legends. I’d like to check in on City of Heroes too, and I’ve had that Wurm Online icon staring at me all neglected like too. But probably those plans will go nowhere since I’m contemplating a dive into Sims 4.

French toast for me. My dad would make for us on weekends sometimes and pile it high with powdered sugar.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX), YouTube): School starts next week so there won’t be much gaming, but I’ve been playing Nexon’s mobile MMO, V4. I’m legit curious about how these autoplay games are so popular and seeing as this just came out, it’s a good chance to see what all the hubbub is about.

Bonus question: Any sort of homemade Filipino food is nostalgic for me. My mom is always cooking so the smell of food always resonates in my parents’ house and it always beings me back.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m legitimately not sure. Genuinely. I kind of want to take a break from games and just write something. Or read a rulebook for a new TTRPG I got. I might dip in for some Final Fantasy XIV dailies, but maybe that’s it. Maybe.

I have some pretty specific answers here, since my love of food and cooking all came from my mom, who was born and raised in Crete. So there’s mousaka, dolmades, and a bread recipe from her own mother that come to mind. But one dish always transports me to my younger days: boiled and shredded chicken leg quarters with rice and a creamy bechamel. It’s so simple yet heartwarming and filling, and even now the scent of that bechamel brings me back in time.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Aside from my Final Fantasy XIV stuff (the patch is done, but Dwarf dailies) I’m mostly going to be releasing stress in single-player games this weekend. The Tales series has somehow really hooked me in lately; couldn’t tell you why, but it helps my anxiety and I’m not going to ask questions.

All of my positive nostalgia foods hearken back to my great-aunt, who lived in what felt like a woodland hideaway and only passed away at over a century old. Some nice brie and crackers, ham coquille, a nice roast lamb, and the various French treats she would squirrel away always make me happy. I don’t have all of her recipes, sadly, but I try to cook in the same spirit as she did.

Tyler Edwards (blog): Like Chris, I’m unsure. I’d like to play Horizon Zero Dawn, but as of my writing this the crash issues still haven’t been fixed, so that may remain off the table for me. I’m torn between playing more of Iron Harvest 1920 and waiting for it to launch so I don’t burn out too early. I could prestige some more characters in StarCraft II co-op, but I’m hoping that tweaks for the prestige system may be coming soon, so I’d rather wait to see if anything changes before I commit to any grinds. Maybe Star Trek Online? It’s a good low-commitment thing to jump into while I wait for HZD to stop lighting itself on fire. Of course, I’m still so busy with work I might not get much time for gaming anyway.

Bonus question: We used to have a falafel night once a week. For a white guy, my father makes some pretty amazing falafel. Granted, the falafels themselves are from a mix, but he always had just the right mix of veggies and sauces.

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