Ashes of Creation will now self-publish in EU/CIS regions, says its split with My.Games was amicable


Yesterday, Intrepid Studios announced that it would be breaking from its partnership with My.Games and will take over publishing duties for in-development MMORPG Ashes of Creation in both the EU and in the CIS region, an announcement that made the press release rounds initially. Now, a more player-facing statement of the decision has been posted on the game’s website from creative director Steven Sharif, expounding on why the studio decided to self-publish the game in the area:

“At the time, it made the most sense to partner with an established publisher for these regions. As we have grown as a company and have expanded our capabilities it made sense to reevaluate our strategies and ultimately expand the responsibilities of Intrepid Studios to become a global publisher, leading that initiative with bringing excellent service for our playerbase and community management that focuses on respecting our fans.”

Sharif further writes that Intrepid Studios learned a great deal from My.Games and explains that the split between the two companies was an amicable decision, thanking the company for its assistance leading up to the self-publishing move.

The post also features an FAQ that offers some answers for players regarding their My.Games accounts; in short, migration steps for My.Games accounts and Intrepid Studios accounts will be explained later, while players who happen to have both accounts at once will be able to submit a support ticket to have the two merged. There are a few other answers regarding purchasing individual cosmetics and requesting refunds if players don’t want their personal information migrated over, so it might be worth the time to read through the post for all those details.

source: official site. Cheers, Zahri, Dylan, and Dantos!
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