Monster Hunter World is coming to a tabletop near you with an in-development board game


Tabletop game developer Steamforged Games is seeking to condense the sensation of playing Monster Hunter World into board game form with the perfectly named Monster Hunter World –The Board Game. That might sound like a daunting task, but in a preview from Polygon, it appears that the game’s designers are up to the task, especially since the same company has managed to successfully create board games based on Dark Souls, Devil May Cry, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Gameplay in the board game version of MHW effectively plays out through Expeditions — multi-phase campaign sessions that have a fixed number of days to complete. Performing certain actions such as exploration, crafting gear, and going on a hunt costs a number of these days depending on the action and complexity of the hunt itself. As for fighting the monster, that’s done through the use of cards and a combo-based system, with each weapon having its own unique set of cards. There’s also stamina costs and monster aggro that players will have to manage. Once a hunt is complete, players can elect to start with new characters or bring their existing ones along on more challenging Expeditions.

The game is set to land on Kickstarter some time in 2021, with the full game itself likely costing somewhere near the $100 price range. The base game is planned to have four monster types, one biome, and a number of weapons and equipment for players to acquire.

source: Polygon

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When I learned about Kingdom Death: Monsters, I got a really strong ‘Monster Hunter’ vibe from it. Utilizing a deck to recreate the ‘AI’, damage potentially being able to cripple (or dangerously trigger) the monster you’re hunting, and then using the parts you harvest to build armor with its own unique effects…? Aside from the unique sort of Body Horror KD:M uses it was pretty much ‘Monster Hunter’, what they’re describing here sounds similar. KD:M also has some faaaaan-friggin-tastic figures for it.

Which is a major danger here for me. Will it have a Rathios figure? A set of Hunter figures? Felyne too? If so, I might be… more than tempted to grabbing this depending on how they look. Though I’ve also heard plenty of (not good) things about the quality of Steamforged Game’s figures for these. Mold lines sticking out in spots you can’t get to, fragile bits and pieces (more so than normally would be)…

They are also at least 2 Board games behind right now. They have a ‘Horizon’s Zero Dawn’ board game alongside the Devil May Cry one, and neither one have actually been released despite passing their targeted dates. Zero Dawn is just starting to coming out but heard nothing yet on quality, and the DMC board game isn’t set to even start shipping out until early September… There’s also the Resident Evil 3 game that was funded back in May.

It feels like it might be spread a little, and given prior quality issues it has me hesitant. Much as I’d love a board game sized figurine I could co-opt for D&D uses of some odder Monster Hunter creatures (like Vaal Hazak)?

KD:M has a monster goat with a screaming maw along its belly and a Phoenix, but the Phoenix has an old man trying to pull itself from its throat while hands sprout out from all over the body of the bird.

But… KD:M is a ’boutique’ boardgame that costs easily 4x what most of Steamforged’s games are, justified by said crazy-high quality. I hope they push for higher quality on the Wyvern miniatures here because they are the center piece of the game if that is the route they go. I’d gladly pay a good chunk more to ensure a proper bit of quality control and handling for the figures. But aside from Horizon and DMC? This will be the first time they really have to deliver larger scale miniatures I believe… and like I said, I am worried on that.


I didn’t know that there was a DMC board game but now I want it.