Monster Hunter World is coming to a tabletop near you with an in-development board game


Tabletop game developer Steamforged Games is seeking to condense the sensation of playing Monster Hunter World into board game form with the perfectly named Monster Hunter World –The Board Game. That might sound like a daunting task, but in a preview from Polygon, it appears that the game’s designers are up to the task, especially since the same company has managed to successfully create board games based on Dark Souls, Devil May Cry, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Gameplay in the board game version of MHW effectively plays out through Expeditions — multi-phase campaign sessions that have a fixed number of days to complete. Performing certain actions such as exploration, crafting gear, and going on a hunt costs a number of these days depending on the action and complexity of the hunt itself. As for fighting the monster, that’s done through the use of cards and a combo-based system, with each weapon having its own unique set of cards. There’s also stamina costs and monster aggro that players will have to manage. Once a hunt is complete, players can elect to start with new characters or bring their existing ones along on more challenging Expeditions.

The game is set to land on Kickstarter some time in 2021, with the full game itself likely costing somewhere near the $100 price range. The base game is planned to have four monster types, one biome, and a number of weapons and equipment for players to acquire.

source: Polygon
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