Grim Dawn adds new locations, monsters, rewards, and Monster Totems in its latest update


The map of Grim Dawn in a quite literal sense as ARPG’s newest version update opens up new side areas that were previously blocked off for players to delve in to. Naturally, these new areas house a host of new foes to face like new minibosses and a new Celestial Monster Totem themed after the monsters in the Tomb of the Heretic, as well as new treasure to find in the form of three Legendary weapons and seven Monster Infrequents.

The latest update has also made a number of gameplay changes certain areas, Monster Infrequents, class skills, and items among other things. It’s another dense set of patch notes to wade through, but the salient details are certainly worth the time to read for those deep in the game.

source: official forums, thanks to Castagere for the tip!
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