Craftopia will dial back its update frequency in the interest of adding more content and managing time

Craftopia will dial back its update frequency in the interest of adding more content and managing time

If you’ve been following the update cadence of Craftopia, you’ll note that it’s been kicking out patches practically every single day, adding things like new sound effects, enemies, and building items, fixing multiplayer bugs and adding features like split XP, improving translations, adjusting various skills and spells, and attacking a host of critical bugs. In short, the folks at Pocketpair have been real busy.

That busyness, however, has come at some insurmountable costs to time, efficiency, and content additions, so the devs are planning to reel things back, moving from daily updates to weekly ones. This scaling back should help address a number of time management issues and ultimately will mean that future patches will have more content beyond adding walls, floors, and windows.

In addition, there will be three versions of Craftopia that will release for players to test and try out: the “stable” version, which is the current early access build that will get weekly or even monthly updates; the “beta” version, which will receive weekly or bi-weekly patches; and the “alpha-unstable” version, which will introduce smaller daily updates full of experimental features as well as possibly critical bugs.

Speaking of future update plans, the devs have announced plans to release a roadmap of updates in the near future. So while patch frequency might be scaling back, it still looks like there will be plenty of updates to follow along with. As for the game in its initial early access build, you can read our initial impressions for our thoughts; we found this one to be something to watch even if it needs a lot of refinement.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Twitter

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Kevin Smith

No dev should ever give an actual timeline like that for anything. Many have tried this fast pace development and it always came back to bite them in the butt later. Just do what you need to and add things when they are ready. Don’t set unattainable goals because it gives the griefers all they need to complain.


My extreme apologies to the developers and fans of this game, but I always keep reading this as “Craptopia”. I’m pretty sure it’s not that way at all! >.<


Like doors maybe? Are we getting doors? Having sheep wonder into your fire and burning parts of your base down is funny the first few times but gets old after awhile.

Josh Day

We have doors they got added today