SEED offers a brief peek at gameplay and discusses QA as it prepares for wider testing


The colonization sandbox MMO SEED is inching closer to inviting players to start testing the game out, and getting to that point takes some QA. That process was the subject of developer Klang Games’ most recent dev blog video, which discussed some of the QA team’s job as well as showed off a bit of gameplay.

Most of the video is expected conversation about the QA team’s function and what it does within the studio, while the gameplay peek focuses on the Mobile Transport Unit, which is essentially a walking robotic bank or pack mule. What’s perhaps most interesting to those watching from the outside is that SEED will be starting community testing soon. Details for registration to be considered for these community tests will be sent out to those who are subscribed to the game’s newsletter.

source: YouTube

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

This game does look like what would a multiplayer Rimworld be like. And I’m all for it!


Of course a very different game than Worlds Adrift, but I fear this will be another failure for SpatialOS games – there is a very distinct lack of interest towards which appear to be a relatively original multiplayer online game. Just look at the number of views their videos get. They don’t overhype it, to their credit, but tellingly there doen’t seem to be many others hyping it. No groups eager fans waiting to get their hands on it.

T h e n o n y m o u s
T h e n o n y m o u s

No groups eager fans waiting to get their hands on it.

That’s kind of understandable since I’ve found myself wondering “what exactly is this game even supposed to be?” lol. It’s hard to really get behind something when you don’t even know what it actually is.