Phantasy Star Online 2 collaborates to sell NieR: Automata packs


Have you ever been playing one game and felt that it could be improved by importing characters and looks from a completely different franchise? Usually, such daydreams are beyond the reach of mortals, but in the case of Phantasy Star Online 2 and NieR: Automata, it’s actually a thing.

SEGA collaborated to do a crossover of sorts with the popular NieR: Automata to sell special character customization packs that make PSO2 characters look like they jumped in from another game. The packs aren’t cheap, carrying a $35 price tag. But you do get three outfits, a hairstyle, a weapon skin, a boxy Mag, and other accessories for your money.

Check out the look below and judge for yourself if you want to drop money to look this fashionable:


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So uh…. That… 9S Fem look does some… It does some weird things to me. Not in the usual (hur-hur internet) weird thing. Just… Yeah, it… Without trying to touch on much, feels like he might go that far if he was pushed… Nines can get really intense and… I’ll leave it there.

But hey! A2 and B2! It’s neat! But not $35 neat…

Now… If it made the butt of any character, male or female, look bigger? Final Fantasy 14’s B2 Pants (and my Dragoon’s favorite pants) would have some competition. That! I might spend $35 on.

… Also, I’ve already thrown out a big chunk of cash at Nier material within the last month. I’m sated for now with it!

Malcolm Swoboda

I feel I’m going to play like 5 N:A tie-in events in games before actually playing N:A.