Would you pay a hefty monthly sub for Fortnite? Epic Games thinks you might


Subscriptions have been trending deeply unpopular in the online gaming space for nearly a decade now, so you might be surprised to learn that Epic Games thinks it can make subs happen in Fortnite.

Leaks on Twitter via FireMonkey show that Epic has been working on a survey to measure opinions on a sub for the battle royale. According to the survey, Epic is mulling over what it might include in a monthly subscription: currency discounts, exclusive cosmetics, early access to the next battlepass, cash shop freebies and discounts, a currency stipend, and a booster for battlepass levels. These subs don’t sound cheap, either, as the company asks players’ opinions on $15.99 and $18.99 pricepoints – higher than the subs for the very best modern MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft.

As Eurogamer notes, this isn’t the first time Fortnite’s seen sub rumors; a year ago, dataminers dug up files for some sort of “annual pass.” Either way, the company refused to comment on the current chatter.

Why learn to read the room when you can just try to own it… sure does seem to be Epic’s motto lately.


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Does epic seriously think teenagers have that kind of money to spend?
I can’t wait for a second video game market crash

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Schlag Sweetleaf


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On can assume that any subscription won’t eliminate the cash shop – it might include a stipend for it, but it sure won’t make everything included.

And thus we know why they’re trying to break Apple’s cut. In order to meet their revenue targets for the subscription, if they have to pay a cut to anyone else, that’d boost the final price, and given the price-sensitivity for a subscription? Not likely.

Kero Kero

Sub2Play and monthly premium subs are different, I dont think anyone is opposed to the latter as long as it’s not conflicting too harshly with f2p model. I dont think comparing it to sub2play games is apples to apples.

However if we’re discussing value proposition, yea I can see that. Getting sub time (excluding i guess the fact that you most likely already also paid for the base game/DLCs) is proposing a lot more value assuming you’re already invested, even if it is necessarily forced.

Adam Russell

Ask for 15 settle for 10

David Goodman

I don’t think they’re going to get rid of the F2P option, so I assume this would be an optional sub.

At least, I assume they wouldn’t remove the ability to play it F2P.

But who knows with this company? They’ll probably start charging your credit card directly without asking and then act confused that you would complain about it. And then sue you.


Ignoring irrational hatred by some old people towards this company and irrelevant answers by people clearly not interested in this gaming genre in general – the answer is yes, some people who enjoy playing this game will pay monthly fee if enough benefits will be provided. As for which benefits will encourage most people to pay – that is up to Epic to figure out through experimentation and surveys. As for me – I won’t pay but this is simply because I am not interested in this game. If the game is fun for me – I have no issue with paying a monthly fee for it, regardless of the genre.

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Richard de Leon III

Sorry, I wont pay for pvp. They need to pay me for the frustration. Not to mention there isnt enough story in most mmos to justify 15 bux a month, let alone Fortnite…


That would make me play it even less than the 0 minutes I spend on it now or have ever.

Bryan Correll

Well….I’ve never even bothered playing it for free.