Would you pay a hefty monthly sub for Fortnite? Epic Games thinks you might


Subscriptions have been trending deeply unpopular in the online gaming space for nearly a decade now, so you might be surprised to learn that Epic Games thinks it can make subs happen in Fortnite.

Leaks on Twitter via FireMonkey show that Epic has been working on a survey to measure opinions on a sub for the battle royale. According to the survey, Epic is mulling over what it might include in a monthly subscription: currency discounts, exclusive cosmetics, early access to the next battlepass, cash shop freebies and discounts, a currency stipend, and a booster for battlepass levels. These subs don’t sound cheap, either, as the company asks players’ opinions on $15.99 and $18.99 pricepoints – higher than the subs for the very best modern MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft.

As Eurogamer notes, this isn’t the first time Fortnite’s seen sub rumors; a year ago, dataminers dug up files for some sort of “annual pass.” Either way, the company refused to comment on the current chatter.

Why learn to read the room when you can just try to own it… sure does seem to be Epic’s motto lately.

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