Phantasy Star Online 2’s Episode 6 is live today with new story, classes, and Christmas fun


Christmas is upon us today – at least if we’re in Phantasy Star Online 2. But you won’t need to be in the holiday spirit to participate, as episode 6 is also live in Sega’s global edition of the game.

First, episode 6: Sega is calling this a “huge” content update; it pushes forward the game’s main plot, adds the Phantom & √Čtoile classes, bumps the level cap up to 95, kicks off a new mission pass season, implements new pets, and injects all kinds of new content, from urgent quests and ARKS missions to a new “ultra-hard” difficulty mode.

“Episode 6 introduces the Phantom Class AND the Etoile Class; both are part of the Scions. The Phantom adeptly uses Rods, Katanas, and Assault Rifles in a manner unique to their Class. But their advantage doesn’t end there, for they can quickly modify their Rod or Katana’s standard Photon Arts on the fly with the use of a Weapon Action, thus executing a Shift Photon Art and increasing the variety of attacks they can perform. Even their Techniques, when executed with a Rod in hand, provide an additional Technique Attack. […] The Etoile class supports teammates through Melee fighting. Equip Double Saber, Soaring Blades, Wand and command them in a way only the Etoile can. Through their special supportive skill, they can restore party members’ HP and PP. Their strength allows them to not only support their team but also to defend themselves in battle.”

Second, winter fun! This’ll be the first Christmas that western players will have ever seen in the MMO. Expect a concert in the shopping plaza, a new urgent quest called Christmas on Ice, holiday lights everywhere, and 12-person events to pushback the baddies trying to ruin the event.

Everything’s going online as soon as those dang servers come up from maintenance.

Source: Official site, press release
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