Destiny 2 promises to add a host of weapon-related improvements, transmog, and cross-play in 2021

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If you have some strong feelings about how weapons and their associated Power levels are working right now in Destiny 2, then you might be interested to know about what assistant game director Joe Blackburn has written in a dev blog about the subject, particularly with regards to plans the team has to address matters in 2021.

In summary, Year 4 of the game will grow the overall Power ecosystem for weapons, make sure all weapons that can be brought to the Power cap are earnable in-game with “very few exceptions,” and add more new weapons than Beyond Light or Shadowkeep. This will be achieved through a variety of ways, including adding more weapons in the game’s various activities in Season 13, making sure Season 11 and 12 weapons drop while making Season 10 weapons “obtainable through a more prescriptive source” in Season 13, and hiring more developers to the Rewards Team in order to ensure that weapons hit targets of both quality and quantity.

These updates are fixated mostly on weapons, but the post also points out that changes to armor are coming as well, with further details due in a later post. In the meantime, the update closes with a variety of other plans for Destiny 2’s next year, including transmog features in Season 14, DDOS protection for consoles in Season 13, the return of the Vault of Glass raid, two new Strikes for Season 13, and cross-play features sometime in 2021.

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