Book of Travels takes a detailed look at the character creation process


Tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels has very much been all about the idea of players taking on their roles in a deeper sense than most other MMOs, and no more is that apparent than with the game’s character creation system, which was detailed in a Steam post this past Friday.

Character creation starts by choosing a Form, a combination of archetypes inspired by research into a variety of personality theories including Comedia dell’arte, Chinese Theater, and Jung’s twelve personality types. Each Form carries different gameplay orientations and skill affinities, but these are meant to help players achieve “an individual playstyle and enjoy a high degree of personal expression in their roleplay.” Further customization includes selecting background, a freeform gender field, personality traits, skills, talents, and appearance.

The post then goes into a little background detail on the four Book of Travels Forms, granting players an advance look at the starting point for creating their own traveler. You can read the complete post for more of those details.

source: Steam

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Everything I hear about this game just makes me more excited for it.