Crowfall has kicked off another Decapathon event until January 5


‘Tis the season to hunt heads and collect skulls in Crowfall. Yes, it’s time once again for Decapathon, a special PvP event which tasks players with lopping off the heads of their slain targets and sacrificing them to a god for points in the interest of getting a stat-boosting belt accessory.

This fourth edition of Decapathon kicked off this past Wednesday, December 23rd, in the Yuletyden Campaign, and will run until Tuesday, December 5th. Victorious guild members will be given a faction-specific Skull Belt Totem that offers a special bonus stat provided said guild is the top scorer in the Glory leaderboard.

For those who are unfamiliar with how this has worked before, the objective is to use an Executioner’s Axe and engage a Deathblow ability in order to take the head of a fallen foe. The action itself isn’t instantaneous, as it does have a wind-up animation, which means that the slain player could release its Crow before the coup de grâce can be delivered. Which means no head (and no Glory) for you.


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