Neople unveils Dungeon Fighter Online fighting game, new trailer for ‘parallel universe’ MMO Project BBQ


Mmmm, Korean BBQ. More specifically, the Korean MMO Project BBQ, which we covered last year; we knew then that it’s a new game under development by Neople that takes place in the world of Dungeon & Fighter aka Dungeon Fighter Online, but things have been otherwise quiet on that front. That silence was broken recently during a D&F Universe Festival event held by Neople thanks to a new trailer and a new briefing.

According to reports from MMO Culture, Project BBQ is set in a “parallel universe” to DFO where the fates of key characters and bosses are different. The trailer shows that the gameplay is different too, with the game now running in a 3-D active combat model instead of a 2-D side-scrolling beat-em-up style.

If you prefer your side-scrolling punching in DFO, then you’ll perhaps also be interested in a DFO fighting game that was announced at that same event. This in-development fighter, known as DnF Duel, is being brought to us by Arc System Works, the studio behind the popular Guilty Gear series and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Neither game has been confirmed for release outside of Korea, but you can get your eyes full of trailers for both after the cut.


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Chosenxeno .

DFO is a fun game but it’ expensive. It’s highly unique and addictive. That’s why it makes so much money every year. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT! IT WILL SINK IT’S HOOKS IN YOU!

I expect the same for Project BBQ. Thankfully, M.Nen and summoner weren’t shown so I can ignore it.


Ark System Works is also behind fellow F2P-Game-Turned-Fighting title Granblue Fantasy Versus. I’m both excited because in terms of just ‘drop in and play’, nothing has really matched the fun of DFO for me, and also concerned because while Ark System Works is arguably the king of Fighting games? Netcode and Matchmaking have always been a weakness for them. Those issues don’t much bother me, since I don’t really like to play fighting games ‘conventionally’ (I’m a story mode, bonus mode/challenges person). But for those who are into the competitive aspect of fighting games? Those two issues can gut a game’s long-term viability and end up hurting the game’s content with it. Trailer had M. Gunslinger, M. Slayer, M. Priest, what looked like M. Fighter (Grappler Awakening job) I believe… and F. Fighter. It’s easy to see Awakening Jobs coming into play as DLC, or matching characters like M. Fighter and F. Gunslinger–though I’m not too big a fan of that, which is no different from how I felt about it in DFO.

Ark has slowly been coming around to implementing proper Rollback netcode though, so… here’s hoping for that. At the very least, if Female Fighter is in it, I am guaranteed a hearty back-breaking Suplex move.

… Speaking of which however, BBQ lacked that. It’s flashy and punchy sure… but… If I can’t Suplex a giant Screen-sized Minotaur in it, why should I choose it over DFO? There’s plenty of 3D MMO brawlers out there already, and arguably some of those give DFO a run for its money on fun factor alone with me… Having Female Fighter suplex that giant lizard monster, even if its just as some ‘super’ you have to build up, would have sold me. A lot of it feels a bit… overproduced though as well. Like its big and flashy and looks pretty… But nothing I’m seeing hasn’t been done elsewhere hundreds of times by studios big and small. I want to see something with a bit of meat to it, dive into the classes. Slayer was shown off, along with at least one Awakened variant…

Maybe focus a bit more on that? It’s neat to just be like ‘look whose here too!’, but a few punchy shots of them flipping and dipping and whipping is… ‘meh’. I’d rather see an exploration of the game mechanically from the view of that one character rather than jump about.