Seven years on from release, Rust hit its all-time concurrent player record

Sure, who cares.

You might not think about Rust all that much at this point if you’re not playing it. “It’s that game with random gender and character creation, right?” might crop up if you remember what it is, or “an early survival sandbox with lots of player death” if you have slightly more detail in your memory. What you might not realize in those cases is that the game, initially released in Early Access back in 2013, has hit its all-time player concurrency record just yesterday.

What’s behind the surge in popularity? Well, it seems to have become a new haven for certain popular streamers, driving up its audience on Twitch and inspiring more players to buy the game and try it out. Having passed a million viewers on the popular streaming service, it seems clear that the surge in popularity is driving the game to greater heights than it had seen up to this point… which isn’t bad for a game passing seven years since initial release.


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I remember this as the game that has a bunch of naked people bludgeoning each other to death with rocks.


Isn’t that the entirety of the game? That’s how it played out the few times I tried it lol.

IronSalamander8 .

I was wondering why some YouTubers I watch are suddenly playing this thing. I hadn’t heard anything about it in years.


Yea competitive titles are very entertaining to watch in many ways for the same reasons why they can be entertaining to play. The possibility for failure creates meaning and value for success. Had a huge impact for a competitive game like Among Us and unsurprising it’s having a bigger impact on other titles as well.

This was basically the entire premise of New World before they threw in the towel. The potential for a twitch integrated competitive title could have been huge.

Jon Wax

There’s always going to be a market for any game that provides even a mediocre hint of exploration. It’s genetic. It’s built into us to boldly go where no man has gone before and leave a bunch of garbage lying around.

Rust provides a bit more of what DayZ did so well and trims away the unruly bits. But I think games like this are on the brink of evolving into something more purpose driven.

Even the bad ones will have at least a temporary population.

If you build it they will come.

Youll know it’s successful by all the complaining about it.


Explains why a guy in my gaming group was playing.


as a complete and total outsider, it feels like it pulled a slow and steady approach


Oh yea, it is absolutely peaking now. With streamers like xQc and others having 100k+ viewers when playing it and dedicated server where most popular streamers were playing it. Of course, even without current spike of popularity, 10’s of 1000’s of people are usually playing it every day. It’s actually another good example how even a simple sandbox game (Rust is much more simple than things like EVE) can stay popular for a very long time if you provide players with enough in-game tools to create entertaining content with.