Pirates of the Burning Sea touts an all-new installer and numerous stability updates in latest patch


The new owners of the piratical MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea keep on keeping on. The most recent newsletter out of Vision Online Games is talking up a variety of backend improvements and new installer features that should make playing the formerly sunsetted game better on a technical and visual level.

One of the first updates is the release of a new installer and launcher, meaning players will no longer need to use BitRaider to keep the game updated. The new installer is available on the game’s official site. Of course, there are more things going on with the update, such as updates of the game’s shaders to the latest version of DirectX 9, a host of bug fixes, and promise of “many, many behind-the-scenes fixes” that should make the game much more stable as well as lay the groundwork for future content changes and performance upgrades.

To celebrate the new version of PotBS, players can enjoy a 20% sale on Burning Sea Notes between now and January 7th. As for the latest update, the patch notes are currently available to those in the game’s Discord server, since the forums have since been archived.

source: newsletter, thanks to Jwillo for the tip!

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Shadex De'Marr

I have spoken to a lot of their players on their Discord and what surprises me is that nothing about the core of the game has been changed. Everyone still has multiple crafting accounts so the market is dead. Everyone still jumps ship to the winning nation after each war. There was a reason the game died back then and it was not because of the launcher. Unless some fairly significant changes are made to the core mechanics this will not result in more than a passing log in for nostalgia and then dead again.

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Dean Greenhoe

Wow, a blast from the past. Had some good times there back in the day.

I wish them well as it was a fun game. Especially if you are a member of an energetic guild with plenty of sugar daddies and folk with the time to play.

Ohhh the memories.


What’s the financial model? B2P? F2P? Subscription only? I always found this game unique and cool, glad to see someone is putting some time and effort in to it.

Vanquesse V

Last I checked in on it (a very long time ago, granted) it was f2p with shop and optional sub. I never reached a high level, but the game felt pretty generous and didn’t try to nickle and dime me.