CDPR denies alleged anonymous dev’s account of Cyberpunk 2077 mismanagement and cut content

Keanu, why.

If you’ve been following the ongoing drama surrounding CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077, you’ve probably seen or at least seen references to a thread from an anonymous CDPR dev that claimed a number of things about the game. According to the studio itself, however, the leak is completely false.

The thread in question states that, among other things, dev morale is at an all time low and that Sony execs are breathing down the studio’s neck; that the original Johnny Silverhand was “heavily inspired by David Hayter’s Solid Snake from the first MGS and believe it or not, Cillian Murphy” but execs complied to an unspecified “outside need for star talent”; and that a number of features were on the cutting room floor like an underground area of Night City, two entire arcs, and several other events dropped due to “inside censorship.” The thread also expected major changes due to the game sometime in June to address a vast majority of the RPG’s problems.

The alleged anonymous dev further said that the game’s bumpy launch was akin to “a cold shower” to let the devs make the intended game without having execs breathing down the team’s neck to publish. “I believe it was due to miscommunication and leads not setting goals like they should. The game was jumbled together for 2019’s E3. The last dev comp before the scrap was 160Gb alone. There should be some whistleblowing in the coming weeks,” claimed the source.

With all this said, a reply on the game’s official forums, which comes from a directly flagged CDPR developer, was spectacularly blunt: “We usually do not comment on rumours, but this is simply not true.” Of course, whether you believe the company that is now notorious for going back on its word about developer crunch or not is up to you.

sources: GameFAQs and CDPR forums via Reddit, cheers Kiry!

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1 year ago

These kind of anonymous claims should be taken with a mountain range of salt, but claiming that planned content was cut would not be surprising – happens to a large part, if not most, of games of any size & depth in the rush to launch.

Bruno Brito
1 year ago
Reply to  rk70534

Yeah, but so should CDPR’s word at this point.

It’s all just a huge salt mine.

1 year ago

Okay, so if it’s not true, do they have something they’d like to say otherwise? Or are they just going to deny it and get back to being silent?

1 year ago

Who cares? Seriously, the game’s evidence enough, regardless of the “dev said/shop said” silliness. I have little reason to care about why CDPR failed.

They failed. They apparently lied to everyone, from customers to investors, and their motives & rationalizations mean nothing to me because, at the end of the day, the results did all the talking.

1 year ago
Reply to  FormlessOne

I have 130hrs on that game. I clock in 70-80hrs on most big RPG’s and even then CP2077 is an exception. Where exactly did it fail. The game turned a profit a week after launch, and is among the top 10 highest selling titles on Steam despite launching in December. Did you play the game or are you just mindlessy reiterating what you heard elsewhere.

Kickstarter Donor
1 year ago
Reply to  Koshelkin

I agreee with you.

Now, 79 % of 300k+ steam’s reviews are positive.
Now (one month after launch) it’s Steam’s #3 most selling title worldwide (first:rust, second: CS).

1 year ago

One thing for sure is that the first quoted assertion is completely false. Dev morale is clearly at an all time high, why wouldn’t it be after delivering such a polished turd.

Bruno Brito
1 year ago
Reply to  McGuffn

Blizzard after every villain redemption arc: “First time?”

1 year ago

I dunno I’m skeptical about any anonymous person claiming anything about the inner workings of the company. It’s going to really be a “time tells” kinda thing as if the person’s claims are true then as they say the information is in the .dat files or whatever and can be datamined and proven right. Just like if we get a big update and suddenly there’s an undercity section or cab drivers who are giving us more gigs or whatever (things alleged by the “employee”) then you know the rest is probably true.

Regardless not much was said that doesn’t seem out of the ordinary from companies I’ve heard about.

1 year ago
Reply to  Arktouros

More Delamain missions? sweet…

1 year ago

In other words – it’s CPDR ‘s upper management and legal team (because of the investor lawsuit) – trying to spin everything negative as ‘false’.

In simpler/more direct terms it’s the usual:

1 year ago

Of course they will say that it’s not true, admitting that it is true can have many negative consequences, especially with current investor lawsuits. Being silent is almost the same as admitting it. So the only thing they can do is to deny everything, regardless of how much truth this information contains.

It would be very interesting to read about the whole development process if this information would be published some time in future – stuff that was actually planned to be in game and was cut out, the issues they had during development including the mismanagement of manpower and time they had, unfortunately I don’t think CDPR will ever officially allow this to happen for as long as they will exist.

Hikari Kenzaki
1 year ago

Anonymous insider on reddit might as well be a Nigerian Prince who wants to make me rich.

Bryan Correll
1 year ago

Sony execs are breathing down the studio’s neck

Even if everything else in the ‘leak’ is pure BS I’m pretty sure that part is true.

1 year ago

Sorry, I don’t trust CDPR anymore.