Fractured announces a bonus open playtest for this weekend


Hot on the heels of its New Year’s playtest, Fractured is throwing another open session this coming weekend for any and all registered users. The team knows that this move is unexpected, but it implied that not enough people jumped into the last test due to the holiday.

Additionally, this test will include “massive client performance improvements,” manual combat mode toggling, and the enchantment system. And as with the last playtest, this one comes with the added incentive of the chance at winning an alpha key.

“You can get free access to the Winter Alpha (or even permanent game access) by playing during the January 2021 Open Weekend,” the team said. “To do so, you must be ranking high in one of five dedicated contests.”

Source: Fractured

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Dug From The Earth

Hmmm… try the free alpha…

or play the major PoE update releasing the same day….

I think companies need to have a bit more awareness if they want people to take part in things.