E3 is currently in planning to be a digital-only event this year

lol, no

If you were hoping that 2021 would return to hordes of people crammed into convention halls for this year’s E3 after last year’s version was cancelled due to the pandemic… maybe not so much! Early reports are that the ESA has already put forth plans to have E3 2021 be a digital-only event (possibly in no small part because still in a pandemic), with time allocated for keynotes from multiple publishers along with a variety of demos released and streamed to the media. The three days of scheduled content would thus be livestreamed and available for everyone to watch and enjoy.

It’s certainly an ambitious plan to relaunch the convention in a new format, although it still has the stumbling block that the ESA members need to approve of this format change before it actually gets implemented. That support has yet to be clear yet, but it was also clear through increasing numerous companies having their own events instead of participating in E3 that a change and reinvention would be necessary for the convention. So for now, the question is whether this E3 20201 is at least one you’re interested in.

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