Book of Travels developer Might and Delight shares gameplay footage of single-player title Shelter 3


While we’re obviously eager to see studio Might and Delight put out its tiny multiplayer online title Book of Travels, that’s not the only game the devs are known for. The studio has also put out a series of sometimes-multiplayer games known as Shelter, which sees players taking on the role of animals leading their young through colorful and dangerous wilds, and the devs have recently offered some gameplay peeks at the next game in the series, Shelter 3.

In this latest entry, players will play as the matriarch of an elephant herd who must guide her herd through the wilds using insight and wisdom to find the safest route possible. The game’s Steam page touts the use of empathy as a means to keep the herd together as they avoid predators and promises special moments and times of grief.

It sounds like the same sort of emotional beats that Book of Travels is trying to touch on and you can get a look at the gameplay in the embed below. Incidentally, the other entries in the Shelter series as well as soundtracks and digital artbooks are being bundled together and sold at 50% off, just in case anyone reading wants a little something different in their gaming diet.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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cool, elephants this time <3!

shelter 4 is gonna be about human post-covid?


Damn, sounds like the game is gonna have a killer soundtrack.