Albion Online’s Guild Season 12 officially gets underway in March


It’s time once again for a fresh season of GvG goodness for Albion Online as the sandbox MMORPG announced it will be kicking off Season 12 on March 13th, and as with previous seasons, the devs have shared the usual list of pertinent dates. Future dates of note will be Invasion Days on April 10th and May 8th, final Crystal League matches on June 6th, and the season’s official end the following day on June 7th.

The post not only offers details for the season’s happenings but also points out some changes made for Season 12. First off, the point progression curve has been flattened between the “Outer Circle” and “Inner Circle” of the Outlands to increase the importance of guild objectives like Territories and Castles.

Additionally, Hideouts will only regenerate one shield after a successful defense, the value of Outlands Castle loot chests has been doubled, the Fame buff provided from open world bosses has been shifted to surrounding mobs, and a new level and match rule changes have been made for the Crystal League. All of the specifics can be read on the forums.

source: official forums. This article was amended after publication to correct an error: The season starts March 13th, not February 13th.
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