Gameforge is sunsetting the western version of SoulWorker as the original dev promises a new global version

No, you can't transfer your toons


Bad news for western SoulWorker players today: Gameforge has announced that it will no longer be running the game in Europe and North America, but it’ll be picked back up in an international format by Lion Games, the game’s original Korean developer. Unfortunately, “an account transfer will not be possible.” Gameforge says that payments for the game will be disabled on March 21st, followed by the sunset on April 30th, almost exactly three years since the original launch. The announcement doesn’t specifically mention any sunset events.

Lion Games posted a clarifying message of its own on Facebook – and an apology. For Gameforge.

“We would like to apologize to our beloved and active users concerning the service termination announcement from Gameforge. As Gameforge announced, current game service in EU/NA will end on 30th April, due to our publishing contract will be ended. But, we, Lion Games will make sure that we continue our service after transforming Soulworker services into our own.”

Lion says it doesn’t have a launch date yet, but when it does, it’s promising a version of the game brought in line with the Korean live service, with all eight playable toons. It blames the lack of account transfers from the EU on the GDPR, which of course does make things tricky, just not impossible, as Krafton and Pearl Abyss recently demonstrated.

Source: Official site, Facebook. Cheers, Sildu.

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Not to sound overly hyperbolic, but the western version was trash – or more specifically, it was run badly.

Not only was it bizarrely geoblocked – from some regions you couldn’t play it at all and when you asked where you could they said “someone” owns the rights in your region. But we can’t tell you who. It was the weirdest global release I’ve ever seen.

But the outrageous cash shop pricing was also terrible. Surprised it lasted 3 years tbh.

Just play Burning Soulworker 2.0. It has all the content of all the versions and no geoblocking garbage. And is better translated.