Black Desert scrambles to address transfer problems from Kakao


If you haven’t heard already, your Black Desert account needs to be transferred from Kakao to Pearl Abyss by May 31st of this year, as it could be deleted otherwise. Kakao is wrapping up its operation of the game on February 24th and handing the reins back to developer Pearl Abyss, but there’s a bit of a grace period after that to make the jump.

Unfortunately, diligent players looking to make the switch ran into some severe problems with transfers this past week. Pearl Abyss acknowledged this and worked on fixing issues with making new accounts and bringing old ones over, so hopefully many of the bigger problems are already being smoothed over.

The studio posted a special notice for players accessing the MMO through Steam: “Adventurers who play Black Desert Online through Steam will have their accounts transferred successfully after completing the pre-registration without needing to create a Pearl Abyss account.  However, after the official transfer of service on February 25th, you will be required to create and link a Pearl Abyss account to continue playing Black Desert Online through Steam. Further details will be provided through a notice on our official Black Desert website. Rest assured that once you have completed your pre-registration, your account will be successfully transferred.”

Source: Black Desert
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