World of Warcraft announces plans to improve Castle Nathria drop rates in a February 16 patch


Ahead of the upcoming March patch arriving to World of Warcraft, which is introducing Stygia crafting and bringing back Valor points (though in a far less useful form), Blizzard announced an update after next week’s maintenance which will provide a flat improvement to drops in the Castle Nathria raid.

Specifically, bosses will now drop 33% more loot in all difficulties and weapons tokens will drop at an unspecified higher rate than before in all difficulties. Overall, 10-player raids should now see two gear items, and 20-player raids should now see four gear items from each boss. These adjustments won’t affect drop rates for other things like Legendary Memories or Conduits in the raid, and will not be applied to other raids outside of Nathria, but for those who are rolling this instance multiple times, there’s possibly some relief in sight.

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