Project Gorgon’s improved animation system lets it get down with its bad self


As we look forward to seeing how Project Gorgon shapes up this year as it heads toward its 2022 launch, there’s one thing that the developers have made a priority this month: Getting jiggy with it.

The indie MMORPG said that it’s made “a lot of progress” on rewriting its animation system to allow for more emotes, movements, and, yes, dancing. While the team said that players won’t see any changes in the game right away, this development will allow for a lot more possibilities in the future.

“As an example, we’re finally able to add new dance moves!” said the Gorgon team. “Just to clarify — the new animation system lets us have more than six total dance moves. Some of the old dance moves have been retired, but don’t worry: we kept the classy ones like the ‘point to my ass’ dance.”

Source: Twitter
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