Alien invader survival title Drake’s Odds: Survive espouses the virtues of the UFO tractor beam


What self-respecting Earth-invading aliens would arrive without a classic UFO complete with an iconic beam of light that lets them haul things around? Luckily, the players of Drake’s Odds: Survive won’t have to suffer such ignominy, as the survival sandbox game will most definitely feature a UFO with a tractor beam.

According to the related post, this tractor beam will allow players to abduct NPCs and keep them in cryo for some undisclosed purpose, though armed enemies could potentially shoot down your spacecraft. Otherwise, players will be able to haul around other things like vehicles and bring them to other locations on the map, but players will want to take note of an object’s weight, which can have an effect on the ship’s speed and therefore make them an easy target.

As a refresher, Drake’s Odds is a multiplayer survival sandbox we first got word of in January that’s eyeballing a PC release in 2022. The game casts players as aliens who have arrived to Earth and tasks them with collecting resources, gathering knowledge from defeated foes, mind controlling lifeforms, and either working with or against other players to ultimately launch a mothership and return to their home planet before the server resets. And, as evidenced by the video below, there will also be tractor beam shenanigans.


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Better a tractor beam for police cars than a probe for the earthlings I guess :)