MechWarrior Online and RUST are slowly recovering after data center fire yesterday


As we reported yesterday morning, a massive fire in Strasbourg, France, took out multiple buildings at the OVH data center where countless companies, including gaming companies, hosted websites and games. While no one was physically harmed in the blaze, several games in our wheelhouse were dealt a nasty blow.

Piranha Games’ MechWarrior Online, for example, saw its European servers go offline, though it was not made clear whether they were burned in the fire or simply forcibly offline in the aftermath. In any case, Piranha assured players yesterday they they had redundant backups of player and game data and could easily move that to new servers hosted elsewhere. As of last night, that’s exactly what it’s doing. (This tweet was from last night, so “tomorrow EOD” means tonight.)

“We have secured and are in the process of setting up new dedicated servers for the EU Region, we are currently targeting tomorrow EOD to have them back up and running. We will let you know if anything prevents us from having these ready for tomorrow. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding, especially those in the EU region!”

Facepunch’s survival sandbox RUST wasn’t as lucky. Developers initially tweeted yesterday morning that there was a “total loss of the affected EU servers” and that they would be unable to restore the lost data. But it followed that message up by clarifying “only” player progression on 25 EU servers were affected, causing players to wonder why those data weren’t backed up redundantly at another location. Still, players on the game’s Reddit aren’t super mad since the game already sees regular wipes as part of gameplay, and as I type this, it appears the team has already gotten more than 20 of the servers back online. Happy grinding.

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