Conqueror’s Blade gets the Viking touch with Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok on March 18


We all likely figured that Vikings would become a hot commodity in gaming thanks to a certain title’s success, but regardless of that assumption, the fact remains that the MMORTS Conqueror’s Blade is about to get some Viking flavor when Season VII: Wolves of Ragnarok kicks off on Thursday, March 18th.

The new season will let players recruit a variety of new Northmen units like Shieldmaidens, Berserkers, and the Sons of Fenrir via New Unit Challenges that are sprinkled throughout the season. The update will also introduce a Runes system to let players power up their Warlord, and introduces a new map to conquer.

On the monetization front, there will also be 100 levels of rewards to earn from a Battle Pass that can be pre-ordered now for $10. Incidentally, those who do pre-order the pass will get a bundle of in-game items immediately and access to a Thegn’s Hero Attire when the season begins, while all of the other features of the update will be available for free.

source: press release
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