Blade and Soul’s March patch gives players more gear tiers to chase

Next up, turtles!

How’s your gear in Blade and Soul looking these days? Perhaps it needs a bit of freshening up, a bit of an upgrade. Well then hold on to your +5 pantaloons of progress, because March 17th’s Slithering Shadows update has a few new ways you can improve your battle loadout.

The patch will allow players to upgrade their Silversteel weapons to the Shadow Fury tier and Silversteel rings and earrings to Mythical. Blade and Soul is also increasing the maximum Hongmoon level to 40 while speeding up the leveling process.

One more quality-of-life change is an alternate equipment tab: “In your inventory, the alternate soul shield tab will transform into the alternate equipment tab where you can store an alternative soul shield set, as well as an alternate set of equipment! Sadly, you won’t be able to store cosmetic pieces. Save a gear set for another class specialization or use the alternate equipment for PvP!”

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