Darkfall: Rise of Agon introduces buff-granting Obelisks in its latest update


Ready for a bit of capture the flag in Darkfall: Rise of Agon? No, it’s not a separate game mode, but the Dayar update has introduced Obelisks that grant buffs to players so long as they bring them back to their clan cities. So it’s a bit like CTF except the match never really ends.

Here’s a summary of how it works: Players can find Obelisks in lawless lands and can be carried by anyone when found. The moment a players pick up an Obelisk, they are unable to use teleport or recall skills, and should they be killed, logged out, or incapacitated, the Obelisk drops to the ground. Players will want to haul the found Obelisk to their clan city and place it on the appropriate Obelisk Altar to grant the owning clan unique global buffs.

The altar is invulnerable unless invading players use a new Usurper Wand outside of the owning clan’s invulnerable activity window. Once this Wand is used on an altar, it ticks off an irreversible three-minute countdown that will render the altar vulnerable and allows the Obelisk to be taken, which incidentally also sends out a notification to clan members. If the altar is sufficiently repaired, it will enter a 30-minute restoration timer, which immediately restores Obelisk buffs if the Obelisk is still on the altar. However, the altar will continue to be vulnerable until restoration time passes.

The update has also made a variety of other changes including several performance updates, making markets and billboards in player cities both buildable and destructible, and more. Full details about these changes as well as specifics about Obelisk mechanics and buffs can be read in the patch notes.

source: official site, thanks Anon for the tip!
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