EverQuest II’s producer talks up incoming events, TLE progression, the PvP server, and GU 117

May I be granted your items?

Spring is slowly arriving to our hemisphere of the globe. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, pollen counts are rising, and the producer of EverQuest II has put out her letter to talk about what’s growing in the MMORPG. What a lovely season. Except for that pollen bit; my condolences, allergy sufferers.

The spring producer’s letter had plenty to talk about, starting with the upcoming launch of GU 117 on March 30th, which will introduce Overseer Season 3 and its five new traits, new achievements, new adventures, new agents, and new rewards. After that, there are seasonal events on tap, with Bristlebane Day and Beast’r Eggstravaganza already on the test server. The letter also talks up improvements to lag in raids made over the past month, with plans to perform a “major hardware upgrade” later this year, though that work will take a long amount of time.

Finally, the game’s TLE servers were acknowledged, with the Kaladim server set to head to the Destiny of Velious sometime in May after a beta test and the Tarinax PvP server set to start its beta on April 6th. That server, incidentally, will progress through EQII’s expansions until it locks at The Shadow Odyssey expansion.


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