Multiplayer deceive-em-ups Project Winter and Among Us get new maps


What better way to screw around with friends than to play a game where the objective is to survive a dangerous map and other players in the team out to sabotage everyone else? Fans will be very familiar with this multiplayer gaming set up thanks to the wildly popular Among Us and the under-the-radar (but over 1 million-player strong) Project Winter, which our Fight or Kite columnist found to be an “extremely impressive and a satisfying experience.” And now, both titles are seeing some new maps.

Players of Among Us can now explore the new Airship map, which is lauded as the game’s largest map yet. The Airship update has also introduced new tasks, hats, and areas to explore, and several updates to the code of conduct and account system in order to keep the game safe for everyone. The announcement post further discusses future plans like 15-player lobbies, an art style revamp, and more transparency and communication. Also, now there are plushies.

As for Project Winter, the latest update has introduced its own new map, which moves the cabin to an elevated position in the northernmost tile instead of in the map’s center. The update further adds two options for accessing the rest of the map from the cabin, new gameplay mechanics like the ability for traitors to delay the gondola via sabotage, and a variety of bug fixes, balance tweaks, and new cosmetics.

MOP’s own Fight or Kite column recently dipped its toe into Project Winter and compared it to Among Us, so maybe give that a look if you’re on the fence about which of these to try.

sources: Among Us official site, Project Winter press release

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Yay, more training for the sociopaths Among Us.