Blade and Soul releases the patch notes for today’s Mischief Makers update


I didn’t know I needed a class spec that involves a cat in a flying saucer shooting goofy weapons at enemies, but luckily the folks at Blade and Soul knew better and have added this option to the Summoner class as part of the Mischief Makers update, which is launching today.

The main attraction of the update, of course, is the Way of Fantasy, the third spec for Summoners that brings the aforementioned UFO cat, along with several events such as the Candycloud Carnival, the Twilight Harvest event, the Premier Path event that lowers the costs for transmuting certain kinds of Hongmoon XP Charms, and a free Small Honing Oil Chest that can be claimed once a day per account, with a Sacred Vial and a Pet Pack on offer if the item is claimed for a total of seven days.

“Summoners, the lovably Lyn warriors who use cat Familiars to do battle, are taking a flight of fancy with their new third specialization: The Way of Fantasy in the Blade & Soul: Mischief Makers update. This new combat style unlocks a flying saucer (extraterrestrial, not milk) for the familiar, and a combat style where Summoners will stack Sparkle, charge up their Cattery, and build Starpoints to unleash whimsical destruction on the enemies of the Earthen Realm. When we say ‘whimsical,’ we’re not joking – the main attacks in the Way of Fantasy are called ‘Zing’ and ‘Pizzazz.'”

The update has also ramped up the HP pool for Eva Nakari’s hard mode dungeon as intended, added some new items to the Dragon Express, and made a few other item changes. The patch notes offer all the specific details.

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