Magic Legends drops April patch, says work on console and performance continues

Oh, oh, oh.

While the latest patch for Magic Legends is light on new content, it’s absolutely laden with fixes and improvements for the multiplayer ARPG, addressing a wide swath of problems with the game.

  • Players are now effectively ghosts in the game, as character collision has been removed.
  • Those with low-end machines should benefit from further performance adjustments, as well as updated auto-adjustments to low, medium, or high graphics settings for new installs.
  • Creatures and enemies are reportedly more responsive in engagements, which holds hands with improved navmesh and collision features.
  • There are a wide variety of general and specific ream fixes in this patch.
  • Summoned archers should now not hold their bows weirdly.
  • There’s a laundry list of spell updates across all mana colors. No, I’m not writing them all out here; that’s what the patch notes are for.

Executive Producer Steve Ricossa has followed up the patch with another state-of-the-game update today as well. “With this update, we’ve reduced the duration of Tazeem’s overworld progression missions and back-and-forth of fast travel requirements,” he notes.

“On top of that, the overall duration to make it to the first visit of your realm has been reduced by about half. This means that new players will complete their starter deck more quickly, start collecting new Spell, Artifact, and Equipment drops to customize their decks, and get to that loadout customization more quickly. We’ve also moved the first additional class unlock to coincide with your first realm visit, which means Planeswalkers will have just completed their initial starter deck and will then immediately unlock another 12-spell starter deck from the color of their choice, so they can get right into deckbuilding and experimentation.”

PWE says it’s looking ahead to the “late-May update” as well; it’ll focus largely on performance improvements. “We’re making passes on every single map in the game, on our shadow tech, navmesh tech, and particle fx tech in order to improve the performance and frame rate from the min spec all the way up to the highest end of hardware,” Ricossa says. “These changes, along with some server optimization improvements, should also assist with the performance our EU players are experiencing.” He also assures players that the team is still working on issues with the Broker and on the console version of the game.


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You forgot to mention one substantial change they made with this patch:

The first class unlock on the realm is now free
If you’ve already unlocked a class, your next one will be free

Source: Patch Notes 4/15

Guess this means I won’t be getting into the game before end of may (EU player here).


Chuckled a little reading “Those with low-end machines”, when my r5 3600, 3060Ti with 32gb or RAM couldn’t even hold 60fps without entirely disabling shadows. Any optimization is going to benefit literally everyone regardless of rig.

Kickstarter Donor

How on earth we’re a month into the launch of a PC game in the year of our lord 2021, after Cryptic released Champions Online in 2009 with full customizable graphical options, without any granular controls and then spend almost a month talking about “optimizations” without a peep about giving players those controls SO THEY CAN MAKE THEIR OWN “OPTIMIZATIONS” WITHOUT NEEDING AS MUCH DEV TIME, is beyond me. It’s the same bloody engine they use across all their games, how did this feature get removed even?


Yeah the graphics options are the worst that I remember seeing on PC. Also just checked the new update and I don’t notice any real improvement in FPS. The only noticeable difference seems to be that the LOW option now disables shadows instead of needing to use a slash command to do it.

Bruno Brito

Maybe that’s the result of the company’s talent leaving ship and no one knowing how to mess with the spaghetti code that is their engine?

I mean, they closed the Foundries in their games because they couldn’t get anyone to learn the damn thing.

Kickstarter Donor

Kek, reflect is still a mechanic. At least it’s not bugged anymore, but man is it still an awful, truly awful, terrible, no good mechanic to have out in the wild on random packs.

Planeswalkers can now view their health value by hovering over their health bar.

Fixed an issue where when you’d click toward the left side while in the party you’d select the party member and bring up the Planeswalker menu

Praise be, we’ll finally know how much health we have in an ARPG. What a time to be alive. And good lord the group window was the most obnoxious thing ever, I don’t know why they even need to be that big like that. It’s pointless and wastes screen space.

Hopefully they fix the actual BP display bugs along with those other fixes too.

piled high with quality-of-life fixes

Fixes sure…quality of life fixes…not really.

Oh boy, more vague discussion about performance improvements that still make no mention of granular graphical controls in a PC game in the year of our lord 2021.

The volume of the ping has also been reduced so hopefully it’s less intrusive in gameplay.

Give. Us. A. Volume. Slider. For. Reliquary. Pings. Problem solved, dudes.


Ricossa seems like a good dude and like he genuinely cares/is trying so I don’t mean to be shitty to him but like…

Is he serious? The PC version is a disaster still and needs extensive work/improvements before they even consider console work, much like ESO at launch. Anecdotally it seems like the game launched with a medium sized playerbase and dropped off hard, so I don’t know why they’d expect any other results on console until they address a lot of the broader issues like the lack of a meaningful endgame.

Maybe I’m unreasonable but I was sorta expecting…more in this update? I know it’s less than a month after launch and all so this is fast work regardless, but just…I can’t believe how poor of a state it remains in.