Scan plants for fun and profit in Elite Dangerous’ Odyssey alpha phase three, which is live today


While there are certainly no shortage of ways to rake in the space cheddar in Elite: Dangerous, the newest phase of alpha testing for the Odyssey expansion will grant players their first opportunity to try out a new form of money-making: exo-biology.

Taking part of this new gameplay loop involves wearing the newly-added Artemis suit, which has a Genetic Sampler tool; flying to a planet and utilizing the newly updated Detailed Surface Scanner, which provides heatmaps of where organic life can flourish, then scan at least three samples of a diverse enough biological find to trade back at Vista Genomics for cash, with a bonus paid out for being the first to discover new biological data.

Today’s alpha phase has additional features as well, including the first pass of the First Footfall system, 50 more light years of playable area, a rebalancing of missions and rewards, and a host of bug fixes as well as known issues. We’ll continue our coverage of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey alpha, with phase one impressions here and phase two impressions coming soon.


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Dankey Kang

Elite man’s sky or No man’s dangerous?

Renold Cache

Way to rip off the worst part of no man’s sky.


“Scan plants for fun”. Watched video. Saw “put dot on static object and press button” in a timed minigame straight out of a shallow mobile-style clicker like Frontier’s dino game.


And where are the new animals that are supposed to be spread across the galaxy?

Captain Blood

What animals? They’ve said from the outset that it is only new types of flora for Odyssey. The Thargoids will likely come in a later update.