Elite: Dangerous explains the details of the First Footfall system coming with Odyssey

Small steps.

With the upcoming Odyssey expansion, players in Elite: Dangerous will be able to take one small step for their characters and one giant leap for playerkind on a regular basis while disembarking on new planets. The first footfalls upon an available world will be recorded dutifully, and the latest preview from the team is all about how those first footfalls will be recorded and marked to ensure that the right person gets credit for taking the first steps on an alien world.

Of course, players needn’t worry about running out of planets to claim first footfall on, as the galaxy remains huge and largely unexplored even as it stands. Players will, however, be limited in their claims only by how fast and far their ships can travel. Nevertheless, the team will be watching closely and will revoke any first footfall markers earned through illegitimate means. If you’re curious about what it’s like to be honored as the first person out of the ship on a strange new planet, check out the full rundown of how the system will work.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Cotic for the tip!

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