MMO Synergy: The Offspring, NERF, Monopoly, and Evangelion


Who doesn’t love a good round of corporate synergy? No, no, don’t answer that, just cruise on to the next sentence. Today we’re going to round up a few interesting crossovers and promotions between online games and other entities.

We’ll start with the relatively new Dragon Raja, an Archosaur title that’s hoping to ride the long coattails of Evangelon’s popularity with a limited-time crossover event. During the event, players will see “Angels” from Evangelon invading their world and can go through special missions to earn outfits and an Evangelon Test Type-01 vehicle.

And if you ever looked at Roblox and thought, “This is pretty good, yes, but it’ll only be perfect when the studio partners up with Hasbro to make official NERF guns with this IP,” then you are in for a treat. Also, Hasbro is making a Roblox-themed edition of Monopoly for next year.

Finally, we all know that Wargaming never met a bizarre tie-in that it didn’t like, which is why we’re not batting an eye at World of Tanks saluting The Offspring at the release of the band’s 10th album. The studio said that a collaboration was “just a matter of time,” which we would question, but in any case, there’s now a “Pretty Fly 3D” tank with Offspring decals and voicework from the band.


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