Gameforge officially sunsets the western version of SoulWorker tomorrow


Back in February, we covered the frustrating announcement that Gameforge was planning to sunset the Western version of SoulWorker. The only good news to come of the whole situation was that the game’s original Korean developer, Lion Games, had apologized for Gameforge and vowed to host EU and NA players itself. But it also said it could not transfer Gameforge-hosted characters to new Korean servers, blaming the European GDPR.

In any case, the date of execution is now upon us, as the servers go dark at 4 a.m. EDT tomorrow morning, Friday, April 30th. That makes tonight your last real chance to say your farewells and snap your final screenshots.

Gameforge, of course, is currently occupied with the publishing of Swords of Legends Online. RIP, SoulWorker.

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