VR MMO Zenith kicks off its early bird alpha, shifts dates for later alpha testing


Zenith, the in-development VR MMO from studio RamenVR, has made its first major steps as the game began its early bird alpha this past Monday, May 3rd. Readers will recall that this is a timing shift for the game’s originally laid plans, which previously saw early bird alpha starting off on April 16th but was pushed back at the end of March.

As for what’s in the alpha, a separate post from last Tuesday provided a quick rundown on what players can look forward to, including a starting city hub, several outlying zones, some world spawn events, some quests to test the game’s questing system, and a max level of 40. Future test phases plan to include social features, crafting and cooking gameplay, and instanced dungeons.

Current testing will run until May 9th, while the game’s second alpha test is currently scheduled to run between June 14th and June 20th. After that, beta testing will begin, though the dates for those are TBD.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks to Kharl for the tip!
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