Multiplayer colony-building survival title CryoFall has officially stepped out of early access


This past Thursday saw a significant milestone achieved by the large-scale multiplayer survival colony builder CryoFall, which left early access after two years and became a fully launched game.

“In CryoFall, players attempt to settle on a forgotten planet by mastering agriculture, industry, trading, exploration and more while building and living within a complex society. Starting out in a primitive stone age, survivors progress through an impressive technology tree that leads them all the way up to the space age, from hatchets and crossbows to battle mechs and plasma rifles. The game offers dedicated PvE servers for those who like their colonisation experience to be peaceful, and PvP servers for players who enjoy not just battling their environment but also each other.

The game has seen a variety of updates since we first cast our eyes on it in March 2019, with features like complex crafting and industry, a player-driven economy, an in-depth farming system, various civilian and military vehicles, science including chemistry, medicine, and physics, and the ability to support extensive modding via real-time code editing and an open source game code. For those who are curious about this one, it’s currently on sale on Steam and has a demo that lets players kick its tires for eight hours.

sources: press release, Steam
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