Profane talks about mitigating PvP stagnation, avoiding zergs, and territory control mechanics in an AMA


Insane Studios, the developers of the upcoming PvP sandbox Profane, arrived to the PC gaming subreddit for an AMA to field a variety of player questions. Here are a few of the highlights.

Several questions were asked regarding how the game planned to mitigate larger guilds dominating everything in the game world. The devs repeatedly pointed back to the dynamic nature of the game’s world, with events like drought or a dragon attack that could make life difficult for larger territory holders. Furthermore, holding large swaths of land will be an intensive process in terms of resource management.

In terms of managing zerg mechanics, Profane’s friendly fire system is said to help mitigate the usual steamroll combat of open world PvP, while the game’s active combat model, complete with dodging and blocking mechanics, can see targeted players get out of the way of fights and survive. TTK adjustments are also planned.

For those not keen on PvP, there will be no safe zones necessarily, but players can align themselves with NPC factions, taking up contracts and doing other tasks to help an NPC faction grow in power and build up villages and cities. These locations can always be under threat of player attack, but the larger cities grow the harder it will be to lay siege.

There will be something like a karma system in the game, with red-flagged players unable to do certain things like enter certain NPC towns. That said, there can be NPC factions that are friendly to red players if they’re allowed to flourish, and even factions that will not interfere in a player murder or will actively attack players with good karma.

In terms of laying siege, the devs want it to take place over several battles instead of one massive war that will cause server headaches. Systems like shields, wall immunity timers after their shields break, and fighting for control points like resource locations are all part of the siege experience.

Finally, crafting will simply be a button clicking mechanic, but will have interdependency between crafters like a boat needing sails from tailor and an anchor from a blacksmith. Additionally, crafting stations can only be created and placed by other players.

source: Reddit
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