WRUP: How to let’s face it you’re not paying attention to this anyway edition

I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this.

Oh, whatever. Yes, I get it, this is where you’re supposed to find everything being deliciously random and then everyone laughs because non-sequitur, and I’m so tired of it all. I’m already tired and I haven’t even written this week’s What Are You Playing, which none of you are even going to pay attention to in the first place.

You think this is easy? You think that I just slap an unrelated picture in a header and then write some meaningless drivel with no connection to objective reality into a header paragraph or two until I reach a word count and then get on to the meat of the column. Is that all you think that I do?

Well, you’re right. But it’s really hard. And there’s also a scathing layered critique of monasteries running through all of them. But none of you even care, so good night.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite form of comfort food?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): It’s a Pokemon weekend. Pokemon Go is doing a Community Day and releasing the featured Pokemon’s Mega form, so I can’t miss that. I’ve also been having a blast in Pokemon Snap, so that’ll get a lot of attention too.

I’m used to quite a variety, so I’m never really sure how to answer this. The first thing that popped into my head was my meatloaf, which I almost never make only for myself, and it’s based on a recipe I got from my Asheron’s Call friend/boss/patron.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): More World of Warships dockyard if I can fit it in. I’ve got a lot of real-life activity at the moment with kids’ schools wrapping up.

Comfort food? Possibly pasta with thick sauces, like turkey tetrazzini or fancy mac and cheese!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Star Wars Galaxies Legends. Been a bit obsessed with grinding stuff on Bespin and completing renovating my houses, and I hope to open the new shop to the public this weekend!

Sweet things. Nothing good for us, in other words.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): No clue really, I was thinking maybe some classic video games like Super Mario Bros. or Metroid. Not too sure really, it’s going to be an unpredictable weekend I feel like.

Favorite comfort foods? Peanut butter and bacon sandwich. It’s so fatty and rich. A side of cheese fries too! If that’s not available, then chili dogs!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’ve been peeking in to the Bless Unleashed PC beta that they’re running right now and having a pretty good time overall. That’s sort of about it; my MMO gaming is sort of on hold for the time being, if I’m honest. Just taking a small single-player break for the most part.

One of my favorite comfort foods is a bowl of Velveeta shells and cheese. It’s arguably the better quick-fix macaroni dish than Kraft, in my opinion.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Eh, probably some Final Fantasy XIV, but beyond that I don’t know. I feel like it needs to be a bit of a recuperation weekend. Maybe the new Mass Effect re-release?

My go-to comfort food is mashed potatoes or stuffing. I don’t know why. I could just shovel my face full of good mashed potatoes for ages.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m still hammering through Narita Boy. I think I have four or five memories left to unlock, so I might get through this weekend if time allows. Other than that, I’ll be playing a few matches of Rocket League and even a little more Apex Legends before I completely give up. Carlo suggested I try it, and I hate every second of it. Not his fault, but I am a bad loser. And I am awful at FPS games. It doesn’t translate to a good time but maybe something will click for me soon.

I’m not a huge foodie. I suppose comfort food for me might be chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, white gravy, and some fried okra. I’ll never turn that down.

Every Saturday, join the Massively OP community and staff for What Are You Playing, our roundup of what MMORPGs and other games we’re hoping to play this weekend (with a bonus question or two for our amusement). Tell us what you’re up to! Go off-topic! And don’t forget to have fun!

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Golf Clash on mobile

My comfort food is a properly prepared, Texas style brisket.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Last Cloudia – Did what I could for the anniversary event but my interest waned due to its rewards being so multiplayer-eased. But now there’s a new story event and so far its more reasonable and has a neat exploration gimmick. Its also making use of characters that have been rather untouched since the start. Pirate themed though, one of my least favorite, but that’s okay! Clearing some missed areas on world map a little each day in meanwhile.
  • Cookie Run: Kingdom – Decided to finally do the final story stage for the initial release, but there’s a lot more to cover now: ‘Dark’ (Hard) stages for everything, an additional story stage map, various challenges (like ‘complete stage with X units/types’). They also added a monthly(?) reset battle tower challenge mode that I’m taking it easy on, but liking so far.
  • Princess Connect Re:Dive – Extra grind for the current event, and new main story/stages released so I dealt with that and putting the new gear on my main team.
  • Another Eden – Steam account finished the first episode sidestory and all of its grind because why not. Main account tried hard to get a certain new unit AS (Another Style; alternate form) Miyu in the gacha, but no dice! Some good stuff in meanwhile though.
  • Distancing Hangouts – Another session of The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante on Discord with a couple friends. Brante has now chosen his life path, one away from the Lots (like super-classes, the noble and lowly, divinely allocated and you’re a criminal to totally reject them) and is joining a resistance movement led by a childhood neighbor witch. I bought Deep Rock Galactic and might end up playing it with a friend and maybe others tonight, though we’ll see how that works out on Geforce NOW.
  • Logins – Tales of Crestoria, Genshin Impact

Partner’s play of FFXII has him advancing the Pharos Lighthouse some more.

Didn’t advance FFXV Pocket Edition, but its still on the list.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Down time for me. Been playing Melvor Idle, an excellent RPG idler, sitting on some 350 hours and still not bored of it.

Hacked my way through Vermintide II solo, having quite the time getting to know my friendly bots, gearing them up, and slashing away.

Played about 10 hours of Bless Unleashed. Big improvement over Bless Online, which honestly isn’t that hard to do. It’s an on-rails hacker, with some okay crafting and fairly strong campaign, a gazillion side quests, and elite landscape bosses. I enjoyed the combo combat system, which to be clear is not the same as BDO’s action combat. This is slower and more measured, which I think a lot of folks are not understanding. One advantage to funneling every one down the same path is the great fun to be had in mass kill areas. Reminds me of the chaos of the first invasions in Rift and the public quest areas in WAR. I wasn’t expecting much, so I enjoyed the time I spent playing.

Comfort food? Now we’re talking. Anything chocolate qualifies. Chocolate almonds, chocolate pudding, chocolate ice cream, chocolate biscotti. Dark chocolate, especially good bittersweet, always. I do not understand milk chocolate.

Damon Anderson
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Damon Anderson

Really enjoying BDO, my Mystic is level 54 now, I will work on the main story quest line, also lifeskills a bit. Still learning the ropes, but having more fun playing it than I expected. Have not done any grouping or PvP, I may not be high enough level yet for some of the options, perhaps will look at guild options, I am on the Xbox server and I think that might limit that, but we’ll see, I have been keeping to myself and doing my own thing, BDO seems to be an MMO that I can do that in and still have lots to do.

Thank you, have a great weekend.

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After crazily spinning through game after game for the past few months, it looks like I’ve come to a halt to spend some time in…WoW Classic. It surprises me, as solo play in the game is still something of an effort. But after I noticed my glass cannon was level 15 and still running around in level 3 gear, I figured maybe I should put a little more effort into it, and it’s not so rough now. It’s giving me a moment to relax in something that seems so lacking for the current paradigm, just a peaceful pastoral world to run through and play within.

I thought perhaps I should look for a guild, but there’s still no satisfactory means of doing so outside of the game. So this morning as I was flying out of Ironforge, somebody hit me with a blind invite, and I accepted. Actually it looks like a pretty great guild, with dozens of players under level 20 and plenty of opportunity to group in the starting zones. I teamed up with another mage at my level and we ran through some of the busier quests in Loch Modan and the Redridge Mountains.

I’m looking forward to the quality of life changes that Burning Crusade’s era will offer, although I imagine I’m in no real rush to go through the Dark Portal.


Mass Effect – got the remaster (picked up a discounted key) on Friday evening and 12 hours into ME1

In the MMO space found time for some fleets in Eve Online late Friday night.

Food wise it was a nice afternoon today so fired up the BBQ (proper one none of this gas rubbish) so munched on a pile of suitably authentic flame grilled meat earlier :)

Wollomby Rowsdower

-Elder Scrolls Online: double exp event! leveling some alts :)
-Albion Online: farming/ranching and gathering stuff to craft
-Eve Online: Anniversary Event, doing Sister of Eve Epic questline

Comfort food? Definitely a large size of chili cheese tater tots with ranch and jalapenos from Sonic (or I make my own!). OMG… YUM!


I completely missed the monastery thing. Now I’m upset at how blind I must be.

Toy Clown

I’ve been playing the heck out of Fallout 76. It’s scratching an MMO itch I’ve been missing in the current stable of MMOs that I cycle through. I’ve been doing ALL the things and it’s exciting to look forward to logging into a game again. Found a nice place to plop my camp, figured out how to run an adhesive farm, figuring out a daily salvage run, trying to figure out how to upgrade armor and chat to other people -I guess the only way to do that is through emotes since I don’t hear well enough to listen to voice. The only drawback to the game that I’ve come across so far. Sat down and combed through perk cards to figure out a build I want and working toward that… and just a bunch of stuff! I love that feeling of having too much to do again.

My FFXIV sub is still active and I logged in today to do a roulette for the moogle grind and barely got through it. It tears me up having to redo content over and over and over again… ad nauseum. I’m going to cancel my sub this month. I’ll head back to the game evenutally. Maybe. IDK. I’m just really tired of repetitive content. It’s not fun. :(

What’s your favorite form of comfort food? Popcorn! Particularly with white cheddar sprinkles.


Hopping around games, mostly right now! Dabbling in NieR: Replicant and Resident Evil Village for Single Player offerings still. Almost 90hrs in on NieR and just reached the end of Ending B–farming, both literal and figurative, is the bulk of that time. I might do the ’15hr’ run next rather than the next endings after that. And Village is occupying the spot of time outside of NieR wherein I don’t want to feel bad and sad about things the game makes me run through.

As for MMO space, its still just dabbling about. I’ve just got a few classes in FF14 to cap out on level, and I just might pair that with Trust Dungeon runs. I’m also going to need to possibly reevaluate glamours… on account we getting Bun-Boys now! Will need to see the options for them all, but… Mi’qote has had a good run of the story, and I’ll definitely need to save the appearance as I’m pretty happy with his looks. Would I switch back? Will I…? Who knows!

And also, who knows… I’ve had a set of Pince-nez glasses I might use when I do go through with it!