Daybreak grants all of its employees a paid ‘unplug day’


While it’s important for us here at MOP to be a watchdog for bad company behavior, we also try to be fair in acknowledging when a studio does something right. And so today we pin a bright gold star on the lapels of Daybreak (yes, Daybreak) for making an effort to treat its employees right.

The studio announced that it is granting all of its staff a free paid day off of work to unplug and enjoy life and family as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. “We believe that mental well-being is just as important as staying physically healthy, so Daybreak is giving our employees a paid ‘Unplug Day’ to encourage them to disconnect from their computers or their work phones and truly enjoy a day to themselves.”

That’s not a bad idea for all of us. As much as we all love gaming and the internet… perhaps it’s an equally good thing to unplug and go outside once in a while or check in with the fam.

Source: Twitter
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