Netmarble announces release plans for several mobile titles, including new MMOs


For those out there that get their gaming through mobile (and there a lot of them out there, whether any of us wants to admit it or not), there’s a lot of good news coming out of Netmarble. The publisher has put out an announcement confirming several game release windows, all of which are mobile titles.

In terms of titles heading to our shores, there’s the open world RPG Marvel Future Revolution, the house-decorating BTS fan game BTS Dream, and Merge Kuya Island, which might be a new version of a similarly titled “idle tycoon game.” All three of these games will be making their way to a global release except for China in the second half of this year.

In addition, Netmarble announced plans to release the mobile Ni No Kuni MMORPG and the online RPG Seven Knights Revolution, the latest in the Seven Knights game series. These titles will release simultaneously for Korea, Japan, and Taiwan in the second half of this year as well.

source: MMO Culture

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Well I will definitely try out this Marvel game but I don’t have high hopes. These netmarble games love to be rather basic and put things just out of reach (unless you pay). The trailer did make me think a bit of those old days in Marvel Heroes, running around Midtown but alas, them days be gone.

Kero Kero

Oh boy… more mobile games… 🙄

Eric Gray Jr.

Me: Yay! An open world Marvel MMO!!
Article: .. “mobile title”
Me: *cries in a corner*